Our Esthetician

Jennifer Burudd Laudien, Dallas TX Esthetician

Our certified Esthetician, Jennifer Burud-Laudien, will show you simple, effective techniques for obtaining and maintaining beautiful skin. Jennifer has an extensive background in cosmetics and skin care where she focuses on techniques that actually create long term youthful skin structure and appearance. AmazingFaces Skin Care Center can help eliminate those lines, creases and dark shadows that make you look old and tired. We can reduce lines and creases and brighten the dark spots to renew your youthful, energetic appearance. By focusing exclusively on the face and neck, we are able to provide the best skin care products and procedures to keep you looking and feeling healthy, young and athletic. We have the facilities and experience to ensure your comfort and relaxation during every visit. We offer skin care products with therapeutic ingredients that are not available in department stores or salons. Our state-of-the-art products are scientifically formulated to give you the best results with the least effort. We want your experience with us to exceed your expectations in every way. And this is also true of our skin care products. If you are not satisfied in any way, we will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

AmazingFaces Skin Care Program

At AmazingFaces Skin Care Center, our custom skin care regimens are so much more than a typical beauty program that just feels and smells good. They will also help restore the health, vitality and youthfulness of your skin by building collagen, normalizing oiliness, reducing breakouts and sensitivity, and improving hydration and circulation. We strive to keep your custom program as simple as possible while producing the most dramatic results. Our medical grade, therapeutic skin care products and knowledge of treatment procedures, provide you with the best opportunity to achieve an Amazing Face!

After beginning Your AmazingFaces Program you will see rapid improvements in your skin as you start with therapeutic products to exfoliate and build collagen. During the initial correction and stimulation period, a layer of healthy cells replaces your damaged surface cells. For a few weeks, occasional redness, itching, peeling or flaking may be experienced. The exfoliation of dead cell layers causes flaking, and the active stimulation of your skin causes redness. The exfoliation leads to brighter, smoother skin. The redness is due to inflammation, which stimulated collagen production to reduce lines and promote smoother texture.

These symptoms are only temporary. They will disappear spontaneously and leave you with lighter, brighter, healthier, more beautiful skin. It is like working out at the gym, you will have a little irritation on your way to better health.   Remember that these symptoms are signs of skin rejuvenation and good progress. If the flaking or redness becomes too bothersome, we will always be available to answer your questions and adjust your treatment so you achieve the best results with the least effort.   Many patients will need only the skin care products to achieve amazing results. However, those with more sun damage will see remarkable results if they add therapeutic procedures to their program. We may recommend various procedures, such as FotoFacial, Therapeutic Peels to help remove the dead cell layer and brighten your skin, or Fractional Laser rejuvenation, to provide improvements that may not be possible with products alone.

Make an appointment to visit with Jennifer Burud-Laudien to see how much better your skin can look. Dallas Surgical Arts Phone Number 972-566-4900