Chin Reshaping

Do you feel that your chin is weak or your neck is not athletic? A chin implant could give you an athletic neck and a strong chin.

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Importance of the Chin

The chin is as important as the eyes and nose in overall facial esthetics. In men, a strong chin is a very important contribution to the masculine look. Today, more women want stronger, more well-defined chins and noses than ever before. Everyone looks good with well defined chin and neck contours. Therefore, chin augmentation surgery or other modification, should always be planned to provide the best neck improvements at the same time. The neck line is usually improved by chin augmentation. If there is too much fullness in the neck, liposuction can be performed simultaneously to create an optimal neck contour. This results in a nice trim, athletic neck contour.

A chin implant can create a more balanced profile by strengthening a weak, receding chin, reducing a deep fold under the lower lip, or widening a small chin. Solid silicone implants are extremely safe, and feel and look just like bone. Today a wide variety of implant shapes are available, so that a very natural, cosmetically ideal chin can be developed for any face. The implant can be customized by carving the silicone to create the best shape and size for your chin.

Computer Imaging

We perform computer imaging for all chin reshaping procedures. This lets the patient see how the chin and neck will look after any combination of surgical changes. The patient can select the procedure and the amount of movement they prefer to get the result they want.

In some instances it may be desirable to reduce the size of the chin. The bone of the chin can be shortened, narrowed, moved forward, moved back, or made more square or tapered, to provide the best esthetic balance.

Chin Augmentation Surgical Techniques (Genioplasty)

There are two surgical techniques for improving the shape and size of the chin:

  1. Genioplasty
  2. Chin Implant

Genioplasty is the medical term for surgery to alter the shape or size of the chin. The chin implant technique is used to increase the horizontal projection (prominence) of the chin, and it can correct mild to moderate asymmetries. The chin osteotomy, also known as an anterior mandibular horizontal sliding osteotomy, involves cutting the chin bone and moving it forward. The chin osteotomy can be used to increase or decrease the profile projection of the chin, correct asymmetries, widen or narrow the chin, and vertically lengthen or shorten the chin.

During your consultation, Dr. Sanovich will evaluate your concerns and facial balance to help you select the simplest and best procedure to meet your goals. Computer imaging will help you see what your chin may look like after surgery. If an osteotomy is a possibility, x-rays will be taken to evaluate the bony chin contour, the position of the sensory nerves, and the thickness of the soft tissue. Dr. Sanovich will show you the x-ray and point out the important features that will indicate whether an implant or osteotomy is best for you.

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