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Life is too short to look sad and tired all the time! But that is the way we may look after too many days in the sun, too many years, or too much stress and worry. When we are babies, we have round cheeks and full healthy faces that are very appealing.  But, over time, we loose fat under our skin, creating sunken cheeks and depressions under our eyes. These changes not only make us look old and tired, but they can make us look sad, even when we are happy. Why not do something about the sad, tired, stressed-out look?  Today, you can have a dramatically happier appearance without surgery.

Dr. Kevin McBride has developed an exciting new procedure to fill the depressions and flat spots, and restore the energetic, happy look of youth. He calls it his AmazingFaces Lift™.  He uses Radiesse, the unique, new long lasting filler to provide a safe and very simple augmentation of any area of the face without surgery. Radiesse mimics the feel of normal body tissues, spreads smoothly to fill any depressions, and can last up to a year or more. You can usually return to your normal activities the next day.

The AmazingFaces Lift is performed during an office visit, and all of the injections, are made from inside the mouth to dramatically reduce the chance for bruising and eliminate visible needle marks.

For AmazingFaces Lifts where a moderate to large amount of facial fat has been lost, fat is used in addition to Radiesse, because it lasts many years and can reduce the cost of the procedure. For larger volume filling, fat and Radiesse each have specific advantages that produce a better result when they are used together. Fat is harvested from the abdomen with a small needle and injected into the face to compliment the Radiesse.  There are some areas of the face where fat works better than Radiesse, and there are other areas where Radiesse works better than fat. By using a combination of Radiesse and fat transfer, Dr. McBride is able to use fat to fill the areas of the face where fat works best, and he can use Radiesse to fill the areas that respond better to Radiesse. The combination approach provides the best results. Because a greater volume is injected, recovery may take a little longer when fat is used.

AmazingFaces Lifts with Fat Transfer are performed on an outpatient basis in our office surgical suite under light general anesthesia. Fat is harvested from the abdomen or thigh with a small needle. Only a few ounces of fat are needed. The fat is centrifuged to compact the cells for the most uniform augmentation, and injected into the face in the best areas to fill grooves and lines, increase fullness, and restore youthful and attractive contours. The facial areas where fat is retained the best are the cheeks, sides of the face, in front of the jowls, along the jaw lines, and the temples. It works well in the depressions under the eyes, the nasolabial folds, lips and chin, but it does not last quite as long in these areas. Therefore, these areas may be augmented with Radiesse, in addition to the fat, for more durable results. If there is any reduction in volume over time, touch ups can easily be performed, if desired, during an office visit with Dr. McBride’s intraoral Radiesse technique.

Because the fat is injected in tiny parcels through a fine needle, the edges of the added fat can be feathered to blend beautifully into the surrounding tissue contour. The surrounding blood supply keeps the fat alive and it becomes a living part of the facial tissues. The augmented areas look and feel perfectly natural because it is your own living tissue. The majority of the fat injected is maintained permanently in most patients.

Please see the section on Fat Transfer for more information on that technique, and see the section on Fillers for more information about Radiesse, Restylane, Perlane, and other fillers.