Practice News  EasyLift Facelift Simplifies Facial Rejuvenation
Why are some people afraid to have a face lift?  Because they have seen some bad face lifts, but haven't noticed the good face lifts.  Good face lifts are invisible.  You don't notice them because they look so natural.  The EasyLift™ face lift results are so natural that you simply look younger, slimmer, more athletic and attractive.  How you got that way should be almost undetectable.

The EasyLift face lift was developed by Dr. Kevin McBride to help his patients obtain the best result with the least surgery and recovery time possi
ble.  Dr. McBride modified the best features of well established techniques and combined them to make everything easier for the patient.

The EasyLift will typically provide eighty percent of the improvement of a more extensive procedure, with only sixty percent of the surgery and fifty percent of the down time.  And, at a fraction of the cost.  The EasyLift procedure uses the ideal incision line in front of the ear, but limits the incision behind the ear to only about one inch.  The surgery extends only about fifty percent as far forward as a more extensive facelift.  Neck liposuction is performed as needed to define the jaw line and develop an athletic contour.  Rather than surgically going under the muscle and fat layer in front of the ear, which causes more swelling and bruising, the layer is tightened with a special suturing technique to lift the cheek and jowls, tighten the neck, and flatten the cheek folds.

The EasyLift is simpler than other techniques in many aspects, but is extremely effective because of the meticulous surgical detail observed throughout the procedure.  The “easy” part of the procedure is the simplified recovery and reduced down time experienced by the patient.

You recover quickly and will be ready to go home in about one hour after surgery.  A simple support dressing is applied to help prevent swelling and bruising.  It is removed the day after surgery in our office, the incisions are cleaned and your home care is reviewed.  You will have mild bruising in your neck, but usually very little in your face.  There is mild to moderate swelling for the first few days.  You will have some discomfort and a feeling of tightness, but there is usually very little or no pain.  You can return to work and your other usual activities within a week to ten days.

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