Cosmetic Procedures  Contour Thread Lift
Disappointing Results
I was one of the first surgeons in Texas to perform this procedure. In early 2005 I performed a number of these procedures, and my initial reaction was quite positive. In a select group of patients needing only mild lifting, the immediate results were encouraging. I modified the procedure to try to improve the results and make it applicable to more patients. It was necessary to make it more complex to obtain better short term results. This eliminated the advantages of simplicity and shorter recovery that made the original procedure appealing.
After reviewing the longer term results of these procedures I realized that they did not live up to my initial expectations. The procedure was only appropriate for a small group of young individuals with minimal aging changes. It could not be used for patients with thin skin, or thick, heavy skin, those with loose skin, jowls, or sagging necks.
After further review I determined that I could no longer recommend the ThreadLift to my patients. It simply did not provide the excellent improvements I routinely obtain with my EasyLift facelift , endoscopic browlift, and other procedures.
If you want a face lift with a predictable, stable, natural result that provides a youthful, athletic, rested appearance, the EasyLift is the best procedure for most people. Please see the section on EasyLift for more information.

We offer other face lift procedures for individuals needing less than average, or much more than average rejuvenation. Please see face lift in the procedures section for information on other face lift procedures.