Online Consultation

Informal patient communication is a great way to provide information about a condition or procedure. Dr. Sanovich will make every attempt to personally answer every question.

Dr. Sanovich is certified to practice both facial cosmetic surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery in the state of Texas. This communication is provided as a courtesy. Any discussion of health care or surgical conditions is considered an informal discussion and does not create a surgeon-patient relationship. A diagnosis and treatment plan can only be established after a formal patient consult is conducted in the office.

Things To Remember About Photos:

  • If possible remove jewelry and piercings
  • Make sure your hair is not obstructing the image
  • Photos taken by reflecting off of a mirror are difficult to interpret
  • Photos should be taken level with the area of interest, not from above or below
  • In order for your photos to be properly evaluated, someone else should take the photos for you
  • Photos should be taken in good lighting against a dark background. Use the flash on your camera but try to avoid shadows that interfere with the view.

The following views are recommended:

  • Forward facing, relaxed and smiling photo
  • Right & left profile, relaxed and smiling
  • 45° right and 45°left, relaxed and smiling
  • Back/rear view: only required for ear contouring (otoplasty)
  • Additional views if needed to show specific areas of interest
  • For jaw surgery, add photos of your teeth from the front and both sides

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  • You may attach up to 8 photos with your message. Individually upload these files be clicking "Choose File" for each