Meet The Doctor

Kevin L. McBride, DDS-Retired

Photo of Dallas TX Facial Surgeon, Dr. McBrideBoard Certified Maxillofacial Surgeon
Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. McBride is a very friendly surgeon who will spend considerable time with you to get to know you well, answer all your questions, select the treatment that best meets your goals, provide the best support before and after treatment, and strive to provide the best surgical results possible. We have the facilities to keep our services private, and the experience to keep you very comfortable and to ensure your recovery with minimal down-time.


In practice for over 20 years, Dr. McBride’s training and expertise specifically focus on surgical procedures of the head and neck. He is nationally recognized as an authority on facial cosmetic surgery.

Dr. McBride grew up in Brooklyn, NY. He completed his undergraduate studies at Georgetown and Marquette Universities, where he was a member of the sailing teams. He received his professional degree from Marquette University where he was third in his class.

He served as a United States Naval Officer during the Vietnam War. He received his internship training at Chelsea Naval Hospital in Massachusetts, where he was recognized as the Intern of the Year. Continuing his postgraduate studies in the medical sciences, he completed the first year of a two-year training program in anesthesiology at the University of Pittsburgh. The second year of training in anesthesiology and his oral and maxillofacial surgery residency were completed at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

He taught full time at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas where he was Director of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency training program at the Veterans Administration Hospital for six years. He is now a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas.

In addition to several published scientific papers, Dr. McBride has co-authored a medical textbook and provided extensive contributions to four others. He has lectured throughout the world on maxillofacial surgery and facial cosmetic surgery.

“I derive a great deal of personal satisfaction from helping patients with their problems, and I always try to make every visit as enjoyable as possible,” confides Dr. McBride. “My guiding principle is that I will treat all patients as I would like to be treated if I were the patient. I never put pressure on patients to have more surgery than they want, and I believe they should treat only the problems that bother them, not what bothers their friends or other people. A patient may begin with a simple procedure and return for other procedures down the road. I evaluate and treat my patients with enthusiasm – always using my best judgment and surgical skills.”

Always striving for an ideal esthetic result with minimal risks and complications, Dr. McBride is a very conservative surgeon who does not believe in taking risks in an attempt to improve upon a very good result, and he does his best to make every aspect of treatment as enjoyable, simple and stress-free as possible. Dr. McBride says “I never leave the operating room until the result is as good as it can be.”

Patients should generally consider factors other than technical ability when selecting a surgeon. Patients report that Dr. McBride’s warm, friendly, comforting personality puts them at ease right away, and they feel that he has genuine concern for their well-being.

“I believe that the artistry and technical skills of a cosmetic surgeon should leave patients with a restored sense of health, as well as a naturally attractive appearance,” said Dr. McBride. “I feel quite blessed to be able to offer solutions that improve my patients’ appearance and self-confidence and ultimately have a very positive impact on their lives.”

“The members of my staff take great pride in making patients feel welcome and comfortable, beginning with the initial consultation and continuing throughout treatment. My patients are excited to have cosmetic surgery and like to tell their friends about it. Many of these patients have become my good friends. The satisfaction that my staff and I feel is a direct result of the heartfelt appreciation our patients express.”

Dr. McBride’s interests include competitive sailing, off-road motorcycle riding, car racing, photography, bronze sculpture, and international travel. He collects contemporary art, Indonesian textiles, African art, and other ethnographic art from throughout the world.

Dr. McBride resides in Dallas with his wife, Patricia, who is Chairman of the Board of the Growth and Income Funds, which are part of the American Funds group of mutual funds managed by the Capital Research and Management Company in California.

The McBrides have a daughter, Erin McBride Crocker, who obtained her undergraduate degree and two masters degrees, including an MBA, from Stanford University. She lives in Burlingame, CA with her husband, Pat, and their two children. Their son, Michael, also graduated from Stanford with a degree in engineering and an MBA. He lives in San Mateo, CA, with his wife Lija, and their son.